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The History of Uptown Hardware Inc. (Shared from The Oregonian, 2010)

Ace Hardware has been devoted to making your home projects easier for the past six decades. Read more

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A Community Story

The Circuit seeks to provide an upbeat environment, one that physically challenges individuals while also facilitating and encouraging a welcoming community-oriented culture. Read more

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Get Out There! 7 Ideas for Your Next Wild Weekend

By bike or by foot hold, alone or with several thousand of your closest friends, here are 7 fresh options to make your weekends a little wilder this summer. Read more

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Coupons at Park Street Cafe

Park Street Cafe

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Business Info

Why We Heart Them

  • Park St. Cafe’s mission is to create an inviting space for folks to gather, connect, share ideas and deepen as a community.
  • They are committed to providing wholesome, organic, home cooked meals prepared with love and intention.
  • Specializes in ethnic, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and free-range meat dishes.

How They Meet Our Criteria

  • Self-certification - Dining - Sustainable Suppliers

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